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Do You Know Walnut Shell Powder?

Apr. 21, 2021

Do You Know Walnut Shell Powder?

Walnut shell powder is a versatile ingredient with a harmonious light brown and neutral smell.

What are walnut shell particles?

Walnut shell is a by-product of walnut kernel processing and is mainly used in the food industry. Because walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein, b vitamins and minerals (especially magnesium, manganese and potassium), the growth of walnuts is very large.

Walnut shell abrasives are suitable for various industries

Walnut shell is an effective natural abrasive according to the Mohs hardness rating of 3.5-4.00, suitable for sandblasting, polishing and cleaning of hard materials such as metal, carbon fiber, concrete, and hard plastic. This helps preserve and maintain industrial, medical and automotive equipment. A common application example can be found in aviation, where walnut shell particles are used to clean engines and turbines during air jet blasting. In addition, biodegradable gravel can reliably remove corrosion or any chemical coatings on ships, airplanes and buildings without the need to add any additives. It is also a biological component of hygiene products: especially in surface cleaners—especially in all graffiti removers—walnut shell particles have proven to be the first choice.

Other uses of walnut shell powder:

Filter and separate fluid

Drilling, that is, in drilling fluid and as a pipeline cleaning material

Filling of paint, especially where long-lasting anti-slip effect is required

Filled with reinforced plastic for extrusion or injection molding

Industrial ceramics: as a medium to improve porosity and burnout

Trimming system

Pesticides: carriers of pesticides and herbicides

Fertilizer: used as foundation and binder

Application of walnut shell powder in cosmetics

Like other nuts, walnuts can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, nutshell powder should be used with care in applications related to skin contact or oral administration. Although bio-walnut shell particles have become a commonly used alternative to microplastics in some cosmetics, their ideal use should be on a larger industrial scale.

Walnut shell powder can be used as a filling medium for bio-based household solids, such as hard edge blocks or any type of soluble tablet. Its binding and dispersing behavior can combine perfumes and colorants to create attractive biodegradable consumer products.

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